Tuesday, April 14, 2015

This must be the Death Star of fire ant nests

This must be the Imperial Death Star of fire ant nests. It's larger than the other nests and note the large cleared area which I assume is their 'free fire' zone. Unlike most nests almost all the visible ants are the large Imperial Storm Trooperesqe combat ants rather than worker ones. Look, there's Ant Vader tormenting one of them with the Force.  The few workers I see call out to me in their high, ant like voices that recall the little human headed fly in the original horror film The Fly: "help us Bill Skywalker (because from their perspective I was), please help us". But they would get no help from me because I had learned from bitter, bite infected experience that if Communism was modeled on the values of the ant Colony then the Tet Offensive Viet Cong were modeled on the behavior of the common Texas Fire Ant. And I ain't messing with that.